Local Love: How Holy Smoke Cigar & Cafe Supports the Palm Harbor Community

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At Holy Smoke Cigar & Cafe, located at 1470 Alt. 19 N. Palm Harbor, FL 34683, we believe in the power of community. Our commitment goes beyond offering premium cigars, coffee, and a welcoming atmosphere. Here’s how we support and engage with our beloved Palm Harbor community:

Community Events and Fundraisers
We regularly host events to support local causes. For instance, our annual “Smoke & Mirrors” gala raises funds for the Palm Harbor Library, enhancing community resources. We also organize charity auctions, school fundraisers, and healthcare initiatives, ensuring that our community thrives.

Supporting Local Artists and Musicians
Holy Smoke provides a platform for local talent by hosting live music and art events. Every weekend, our venue transforms into a cultural hub where local artists and musicians showcase their talents, enriching our community’s cultural landscape.

Partnerships with Local Businesses
We proudly partner with local businesses to source our coffee beans from neighborhood roasters and bakery items from local bakers. These collaborations not only ensure high-quality products for our customers but also strengthen our local economy.

Educational Workshops and Seminars
Our monthly workshops and seminars cover various topics, from cigar appreciation to coffee brewing techniques. These educational events are often free or offered at a nominal fee, promoting lifelong learning and community engagement.

Environmental Initiatives
We actively participate in local environmental initiatives, such as community clean-up drives and recycling programs. By promoting sustainable practices, we aim to protect and preserve the natural beauty of Palm Harbor for future generations.

Special Discounts for Community Heroes
As a token of appreciation, we offer special discounts to first responders, teachers, and military personnel. This is our way of giving back to those who serve and protect our community.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere
Our lounge is designed to be a second home for our patrons. With comfortable lounging chairs, indoor and outdoor seating, and a friendly, knowledgeable staff, we create a space where everyone feels welcome.

At Holy Smoke Cigar & Cafe, we are more than just a place to enjoy cigars and coffee. We are a community hub where locals come together, support each other, and celebrate the unique spirit of Palm Harbor. Join us in our journey to make Palm Harbor a better place, one event, partnership, and cigar at a time.

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